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Perfect Image - Pic Editor + Photo Collage
 +  iPhone app / iPad app 雙系統版本
Optimized for iPhone5
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出色和創新的濾鏡! 我們提供48種別具一格的獨家濾鏡特效, 將會給您和您的朋友帶來特別的驚喜。 

-支持自定義濾鏡區域! 您可以使用畫筆或橡皮在需要的區域塗抹或擦除濾鏡效果。支持調整畫筆尺寸, 畫筆模式(漸變模式或實心模式), 畫筆模式或橡皮模式。 

-支持全屏模式! 您可以放大照片,充分利用屏幕空間進行照片編輯。 

可愛的照片裝扮! 大量可愛的裝扮素材,輕鬆點綴出你想要的效果! 可以隨意縮放、移動、旋轉、翻轉裝飾圖片。

特色塗鴉! 提供了大量甜美可愛的卡通筆刷,讓您的照片輕鬆變的精彩有趣。

文字於對話框! 支持在照片上添加文字或文字對話框,內置各種對話框素材。支持各種字體,文字顏色,和文字透明度。

最強大的圖片剪裁功能! 支持矩形,圓形,橢圓,星形,多邊形等19種剪裁形狀,支持各種剪裁比例,支持旋轉剪裁區域。

旋轉圖片! 支持左右旋轉,上下翻轉,左右翻轉。

照片參數調節! 支持調節照片的曝光度,對比度,飽和度,色相各種參數。

精美相框! 提供了5大類68種不同風格的相框。 

橫向或縱向模式! 在iPad上您可以隨意旋轉屏幕為橫向或縱向使用。 

自動歷史保存! 您可以隨時中斷, 隨時恢復您的創作。 

社交分享! 您可以將您創作的作品保存到本地相冊,也可以分享到Facebook,Twitter,微信,微博,QQ,或通過Email發送。

您可以通過iTunes將電腦上的字體文件(*.ttf, *.otf)安裝到“完美影像”中。 

1、選擇您的iPhone(iPad、iPod touch)。 
4、添加字體文件(*.ttf, *.otf)到“完美影像”的文件中。 

Perfect Image is an easy-to-use post-processing photo editor with powerful functions. With help of it, you can easily create fascinating special effects for photos. You can get excellent workpieces which rival with professional ones.


Collage function, supporting pictures with high definition

*Template Collage :Lots of creative nice templates and colorful photoframes(234 templates,30 photoframes)

*Free Collage: Freely adjust pictures size/rotation/position,auto layout supported(up to 42 types as prebuilt and 36 types of background as options)

*Splice Photo: Allow you to make multiple(max. 9 pieces) photos into one picture in a particular sequence.Customized sequence and optional backgrounds for photoframes

*Free Editing :With all above modes ,you can be allowed to edit any single photo in the Collage(Crop/Filter/Stickers/Dialogue Box...),also you can edit the Collage.

Outstanding and Innovative Filters! We supply 48 types of exclusive filter effects which surprisingly bring unusual happiness to both your friends and you.

*Supporting  self-defined filter zones! By brush or eraser, You can make smear or erasing effects around zones in need.To support resizable brush,selectable modes(gradient/solid) as well as eraser mode.

*Support Full-Size Screen! You can apply zoom-in for editing images, getting the most out of physical screen field.

Lovely deco for your photos!  lots of lovely deco sources, easy to make up your expected effects! Moving, Zooming, Rotating and Mirroring flip at your will.

Featured Doodle Work! There are lots of sweety lovely paint brushes in cartoon style which make your photos more wonderful and interesting.

Text Dialogue Box! To support add-on dialogue boxes for text input,built-in all sources of dialogue boxes. To support all kinds of fonts, colors, and character transparency.

Awesome functions of images clip! Supporting rectangular, round, oval, star and polygons etc. as many as 19 kinds of shapes.  Also supporting all types of scales, and rotary  clipping zones.   

Rotary Images! Supporting all-degree rotation; up-down or left-right flip.

Parameters Setting! At any time, you can tune up parameters such as exposure, hue, saturation, contrast etc.

Fancy PhotoFrames! Up to 68 frames in 5 categories with different styles.

Portrait or Landscape Mode! On iPad, you can rotate screen horizontally or vertically as you like.

Auto Save of history work! You are allowed to stop or restart at any time.

Social media support! You can store your work into local album, and also share them on Facebook, Twitter, QQ, Sina, or sent by Email.

How To Install Fonts
Using iTunes, you can copy font files between your computer and apps on you iOS device.

1. Select your iOS device from the Devices section of iTunes.
2. Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
3. Select”Perfect Image”from the File Sharing section.
4. Add “***.ttf” or ”***.otf” font files into “Perfect Image” Documents.
5. Restart “Perfect Image”.