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ABBYY FineScanner 是一款全功能的移动扫描软件,可以随时随地捕捉文本。 
新功能!集成 Box 云存储服务:您的文件将会非常安全,随时可以访问,并且随时可以与您的团队或朋友进行分享。 

使用您的 iPhone 摄像头即可扫描文档、收据、杂志文章、便签、食谱、图片、图表、表格、演示文档,甚至大街上的通告,将它们以 PDF 或 JPEG 格式进行保存。 
由 ABBYY 全球闻名的图像处理技术提供强力支持,这款应用程序运行快速、高效,并且能够提供非常高质量的效果。 

与 ABBYY FineScanner 一起创造无纸化生活! 

• 現已推出您最需要的功能!辨識 44 種語言的掃描文字 (OCR),包括拉丁語、西里爾語和 CJK 字母,並可選擇 12 種輸出格式(docx、pdf、txt 等等),保留文件的原始格式,如清單、表格和標題(僅提供白金級帳戶使用)。

• 嘗試全新 iOS 8 的擴增功能:您可以直接在相片中編輯影像(裁切重複的背景與強化色彩),不必再啟動 FineScanner。只要選擇某個影像並執行擴增功能即可!

• iCloud Drive 儲存功能已新增到「匯出」功能表,可讓您從任何平台存取您的檔案。

•随时随地扫描任何印刷文字和手写文字。随身携带 iPhone 就再也不需要笨重的扫描仪! 

•使用 iPhone 摄像头即可轻松创建任何尺寸的文档: 
配合使用 FineScanner,您可以创建、处理和增强单张图像或多页文档。 



•支持 PDF 和 JPEG:可以保存扫描仪质量的图像,并将其导出为 JPEG,还可以以跨平台 PDF 格式保存并导出文档。 


•多种导出途径:可以通过电子邮件发送扫描结果、发送至 Evernote 或 Facebook! 

•支持 AirPrint:直接从您的移动设备中打印文档! 

•能够使用 iTunes Sharing 直接传输至您的 Mac 或 PC 

注意!由于若干技术问题,当前版本已经禁用了 Dropbox 和 Google Docs 

该应用程序可以运行在 iPhone 5, iPhone 4S、iPhone 4 上,也可以运行在 New iPad 中,下个版本中将添加对 New iPad 界面功能的全支持!该应用程序不兼容 iPhone 3G,和 iPhone 3GS 并且不推荐在 iPod Touch 或 iPad2 上使用,因为这些设备上的摄像头不支持自动对焦。 

- 请确保平滑光噪并消除耀斑 
- 等待至摄像头对焦锁定 
- 尽可能不要抖动 

ABBYY FineScanner 是您新式的移动扫描仪!

ABBYY FineScanner turns your mobile device into a powerful all-purpose mobile scanner & document manager that allows you to quickly capture images & text, creating secure & sharable electronic documents. Ideal for individuals, small business, government or school use - anytime, anywhere.

**** Ranked #1 Business application in 26 countries ****

***** Winner of SUPERSTAR Award in the “Document Capture” category in the 2012 Mobile Star Awards *****

Use your iPhone/iPad camera to scan paper documents, agreements, receipts, magazine articles, notes, recipes, pictures, charts, tables, presentation slides, whiteboards or even billboards on the street and save the results in PDF or JPEG formats.

Powered by ABBYY’s unique and multiple award-winning image processing technology, the FineScanner application is fast, effective, and delivers very high quality results.

"FineScanner from ABBYY is a fine app, which has value beyond its business credentials. It is a useful tool for keeping track of and backing up important and not so important information.” - Macworld.co.uk

Go paperless with ABBYY FineScanner!

Key features and benefits:
- Scan any printed or hand-written text anywhere and anytime. With iPhone/iPad in your hand, you no longer need an unwieldy scanner!
- Easily make documents of any size using your iPhone/iPad camera: with FineScanner, you can create, edit, and enhance separate images or large multi-page documents.
- Best-shot photo mode automatically chooses and processes the best of three images captured.
- Excellent visual quality guaranteed with automatic cropping of page boundaries and advanced image filters, which processes scans in color or black-and-white versions.
- PDF and JPEG support: save and export scans to JPEG images and cross-platform PDF documents.
- Built-in file archiving: save results in a file archive with effective in-app search capabilities
- Multiple export destinations: send results by e-mail or to on-line services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Yandex. Disk, Evernote or Facebook
- Transfer documents directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes sharing.
- AirPrint support: print out scanned documents directly from your mobile device.

The application runs on the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 as well as iPad 3, iPad mini (in compatibility mode), and iPod Touch (5th generation).
iOS 6.0 or higher is required.

The application is not compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and is not recommended for use on the iPod Touch or iPad 2, because cameras on these devices do not support auto focus.

If your device is not supported by the latest version of ABBYY FineScanner, you can install an earlier version. However, technical support is only provided for the version currently available in the App Store (see the http://www.abbyy.com/support/policy/ page for details).
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