3D怪物多人競賽,大量的怪物飛行競賽,艱難的曲折,障礙,冰,高山-跳躍 限時免費推廌app

3D Monster Multiplayer Race
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Full 3D, fast multiplayer fun and action.
Get into the 3D world together with any friend beat the hell out of 3D monsters, before your friend does it. Save the world !

Or enjoy the solo missions of crushing the zombies as fast as you can and keep practicing (you never know who is secretly planning to beat you in the next game...)

Game Features:
- Fast real-time multiplayer with game center
- Full 3D Game Environment
- Multiple of 3D worlds and missions - more to be updated
- Fireworks
- 50+ achievements and stats
- Difficult turns, obstacles, ice, mountains
- Jump and trash the flying monsters
- Game Center

If you crush lots of monsters or zombies, very fast and on the way win achievements, rest assured your friend has to salute you as the *Master Monster blaster*. And then you can tweet your scores to tell the world, invite others for the game (to beat the hell out of them of course :))

Get it now before the price increase.