清單和待辦事項管理應用工具程式,也可作為購物、旅遊打包等核對清單程式 限時免費推廌app

Pocket Lists – To-do List & Checklist
 +  iPhone app / iPad app 雙系統版本
Optimized for iPhone5
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Forbes - "The 9 Best To-Do List Apps For 2014"

整個APP STORE上功能最豐富、最有用的核對錶+待辦事項清單程式 
視頻: http://vimeo.com/81224893

Pocket Lists是個出色的待辦事項清單管理程式,關注重要的待辦事項,可以與朋友協作處理待辦事項清單。本程式既可以作為日常的待辦事項組織程式,也可作為購物、旅遊打包等核對清單程式。

Pocket Lists強大而又易用,你會喜歡上它的。本程式的功能使得它成為多數待辦事項程式的極好替代品,包括設備自帶的備忘錄程式:

• 以顏色區分的待辦事項清單,有各種各樣漂亮的圖示

• 待辦事項流:動態清單,收集你所有待辦事項清單中的待辦事項,並按優先順序和到期時間顯示它們,讓你關注目前重要的事項

• Pocket Lists Cloud:與其他Pocket Lists使用者協作處理你的待辦事項清單,透過網路瀏覽器訪問你的待辦事項清單,訪問網址是:http://www.pocketlistsapp.com/cloud/
Pocket Lists Cloud無縫工作,可免費使用。這是在你的iOS設備之間同步應用程式資料的好方法,讓你始終擁有所有資料的最新備份。

• 所有類型的待辦事項通知:到期日、到期時間、重複、基於位置(在地圖上放置大頭針,選擇「到達」或「離開」,甚至定義位置半徑)

• 以自然的方式鍵入,設定到期通知:「明早會議」、 「週六晚上7點汽車保養」、「每年12月20日準備聖誕節禮物清單」、「週五晚看電影」等。本程式自動從你的輸入理解到期日,並設定備忘錄。本程式已在地化為13種語言!

• OCR: 內置光學字元識別機制,讓你從用iPhone或iPad拍攝的真實照片創建待辦事項清單。非常適合基於你在平面媒體上發現的內容(如食譜)創建待辦事項清單。支持的語言:英文、德文、法文、西班牙文、義大利文、俄文。

• 與第三方應用程式和服務同步:備忘錄、日曆、Google Tasks、Toodledo.com。

• 還有更多:

— 優先順序,備註
— 待辦事項搜尋
— 待辦事項層次結構:向左或向右滑動以定義層次結構
— 以密碼鎖定待辦事項清單
— 到期和重複(反覆)選項可用於待辦事項和整個待辦事項清單
— 快速的程式內待辦事項添加
— 存檔功能用於隱藏待辦事項清單
— 複製和貼上一次性添加多個待辦事項
— 晃動iPhone快速清空待辦事項清單
— 透過電子郵件發送待辦事項清單
— 複製待辦事項清單
— 時尚的程式介面使每個iOS使用者感覺自然
— 沒有網際網路連接時,「多使用者」模式可讓你通過Wi-Fi或藍牙協作處理待辦事項清單。非常適合你與愛人一起購物或打包行李(僅支持iPhone版本;基於Apple的Gamekit引擎)!
— 通過iTunes檔案共享按需備份和恢復
— 完全支持Retina和iPhone 5顯示
— Twitter和Facebook整合
— 在地化為13種語言:English, Deutsch, 日本語, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Français, Русский, Português, Dansk, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 한국어


On Forbes list of "The 9 Best To-Do List Apps For 2014"!

All-in-one universal To-do list + Checklist + Reminders app reimagined exclusively for iOS 7.

Pocket Lists is an amazing universal app for managing to-do lists, focusing on important to-dos, and collaborating on to-do lists with your friends. The app excels as both an everyday to-do list organizer with sophisticated reminder functionality, and as a checklist app for groceries, travel packing, Christmas lists, and more.

You’ll love Pocket Lists for being powerful yet surprisingly easy to use. The app’s feature set makes it a superb replacement for most to-do list apps, including the stock Reminders app:

• Color-coded to-do lists with a variety of beautiful icons for all sorts of things (200+ icons included!).

• To-do Stream: a dynamic to-do list that collects to-dos among all your to-do lists, and displays them in the priority & due order, allowing you to focus on what’s important right now.

• Pocket Lists Cloud: collaborate on your to-do lists with other users of the Pocket Lists app, access your to-do lists via web browser on the app website: http://www.pocketlistsapp.com/cloud/
Pocket Lists Cloud works seamlessly, and is free to use. It is a great way to sync app data between your iOS devices, and to have an always-up-to-date backup of all data.

• All types of to-do notifications: due date, due time, repeating, and location-based — drop pin anywhere on a map, select either “arrive to” or “leave from”, and even define a location radius.

• Set due reminders by typing naturally: “Meeting tomorrow morning”, “Car service saturday 7pm”, “Prepare christmas gift list on dec 20 every year”, “Cinema friday night” and so on. The app automatically understands due date from your input, and sets a reminder. Understands all 13 languages the app is localized into! Approved by native speakers.

• OCR: Built-in Optical Character Recognition mechanism allows you to create to-do lists from real photos taken on your iPhone or iPad. Awesome for creating to-do lists based on what you find in print media, e.g. cookbook recipes. Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

• Sync with third-party apps and services: Reminders app, Calendar app, Google Tasks, Toodledo.com.

• And a lot more:

— Priorities, notes
— To-do search
— To-do list hierarchy: swipe to-dos left or right to define hierarchy
— Passcode-locked to-do lists
— Due and repeating (recurring) options for both to-dos and entire to-do lists
— Quick inline to-do add
— Archiving feature for hiding to-do lists
— Copy & Paste add of multiple to-dos at a time
— Quickly clean your to-do list by shaking your iPhone
— Send to-do lists via email
— Duplicate to-do lists
— Sleek app interface feels native to every iOS user
— “Multiplayer” mode for collaborating on your to-do lists via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when no Internet connection is available. An exciting way to go shopping with your spouse, or to pack luggage together (supported by the iPhone version only; based on iOS Gamekit engine)!
— On-demand backup & restore via iTunes file sharing
— Twitter and Facebook integrations
— Localized in 13 languages: English, Deutsch, 日本語, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Français, Русский, Português, Dansk, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 한국어