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PDF Paper Renamer
Mac OS X 系統版本

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"Rename All your PDF Papers Quickly in Few Clicks"

PDF Paper Renamer helps you batch rename PDF papers with just a few click that will save your precious time from manual renames which is tedious. Why do it manually when you can do it automatically and uniformly?

Usually scientific papers downloaded don't have real title at filename. PDF Paper Renamer can batch rename the pdfs by getting the title from metadata. If there's no metadata it will intelligently get the correct title from the pdf. Then other advanced option can be applied to the title.

- Fast and responsive
- Have variety of options to rename your paper
- Shorten lengthy title to be abbreviations based on keywords defined
- Include add date paper published automatically
- Use Viewer to manually select title from PDF
- replace whitespace with desired word
- Can also be used to rename ebooks or other PDF documents, but is optimised on papers